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Beautician and Entrepreneur

I am a Consultant Beautician with over 20 years’ experience helping people to increase their confidence, look younger and feel more attractive. I do this by working with them to bring out their inner selves and present their best to the outside world. I take immense satisfaction from seeing my clients’ self-confidence improve and deliver results which allow them to take on the world with style.

I am driven by the knowledge that it is possible for people to feel beautiful and inspiring even when surrounded by those who want to bring them down. My passion is formed from my own, personal experience in dealing with medical professionals who, when I was just 12, said my case was hopeless and that I should get used to living with a serious and debilitating skin condition. I proved them wrong through research, training and acquired knowledge. My experiences even led me to create my own, perfectly balanced, range of cosmetic products and the lessons I learnt through that process inform and inspire me still.

I started in the beauty industry at 17 and formed my first company when I was 19, providing relaxation and glamour to people looking to escape the grey and dull world of everyday life. Whilst I am primarily a Beauty Consultant, I decided to keep abreast of the latest developments and technologies in the industry. I am an expert practitioner in

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