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Sports Nutritionist and Trainer

I am qualified Sports Nutritionist and Personal Trainer who has been advising Clients on the best way to achieve total body fitness, performance and weight loss for over 5 years.

Working closely with clients I create personalised meal and training plans designed to reach client´s goal and transform their bodies and lives. I create strategies for all aspects of body transformation and enhancement using science and my professional experience.

Examples of some of the ways in which I have helped clients are:

rapid weight loss for special occasions
body sculpting
kick-starting a personal fitness regime
preparation for competition
sport conditioning

I take great pride in improving the lives of my clients and I consider it a privilege that they entrust me with that profound responsibility. Taking your body to the next level is not easy, but with focus and guidance it is achievable.

My passion is to inspire my clients to accomplish more than they believe possible and the success they achieve

Be Strong and healthy. Marek

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