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Pure Harmony Fitness Club

Keep up your momentum with the Pure Harmony Fitness Club

Discounts on all fitness services
Member Only Facilities
Advanced nutrition and fitness plans
Ongoing sports supplement advice
Ongoing body composition analysis

The Pure Harmony Fitness Club is available to all clients who have undergone either an initial personal training or personalised nutrition programme.

The benefits of being a member are many, but let’s start with the financial benefits. As a member you get services, from day one, that would cost you an additional £160 every month if you were paying for them as a non-member. You also get significant discounts on all fitness services, saving you more money the more you use them.

To keep things simple, each of the benefits of being a member is detailed below, so keep reading…

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Member Exclusive: Private Gym

Working out with complete privacy in a fully appointed gym, overseen by a professional and experienced personal trainer, is something usually only available to people with a lot of money.

The luxury of being able to work on your training regime, practice your reps and tone your body, without having annoying distractions and exposure to other people is something that you can only really understand once you’ve experienced it.

Our gym is only available to members and people who are enrolled in a planned fitness package.

Exclusive in a way that nothing else is.

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Free starter sauna package of 4 sessions

Our infra-red sauna is amazing. You can lose up to 600 calories per session. All the heat of a traditional sauna, but with none of the mess. Like a sauna, only much, much better.

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Member Exclusive: Advanced Training and Nutrition Plans

As a member you will be able to obtain special advanced plans for nutrition and training. These plans are not available anywhere else and are exclusively available to members only. They are tailored to your needs and take into account every aspect of your progress and activity as a member.

There is nothing else like it and it will help you to maximise every aspect of your work towards that perfect body and mind that you seek.

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Member Exclusive: FREE ongoing advice and monitoring.

Our members are like our family, and we take care of our family.

Whatever you’re trying to achieve, we’re with you all the way and are here to give you advice and guidance with every step. You get regular re-testing of your body composition and advice on what you need to change and what supplements you should be taking, or changing.

Your journey towards a great body and lifestyle is not one you have to take alone!

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Member Exclusive: Discounts, discounts, discounts!

ALL (and we really do mean all) our fitness services automatically become discounted by 20% for our members.

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Now take your first step and stand out from the crowd.

Simply make a booking for your FREE initial consultation. There’s no obligation and no pressure. You can call us on 01788 537176 or, if you prefer, you can simply enter your name, email and/or phone number and we’ll get back to you right away to arrange everything.

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