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Professional Makeup

About Professional Makeup

Makeup is Passion!

Makeup is Art!

Makeup brings out the Beauty that lives in every woman

And we are here to expose and accentuate it

Welcome to our world of beauty here at Pure Harmony Clinic. Our chief Beautician explains her approach:

„Nineteen years of experience in the makeup industry taught me how to understand a woman’s authentic need for beauty. Makeup can change a look, it can give you confidence, and it will make you feel confident and special for any occasion! I always choose the best quality cosmetics. I use mostly Art Deco, Dior, Lancome, Mac, YSL and a wide range of exclusively professional brands.

Before I embark on a makeup session, I always spend a lot of time on the initial consultation, which is the key to fully understanding your needs and your dreams that result in a perfect look.”

We have valuable contacts in specialist fields such as photographers and hairdressers, so if you’re looking at sorting out everything for a particular event, such as a WEDDING, we can arrange a complete package of professional services, making your day look and feel like it was featured in a magazine!

Details and Prices for Professional Makeup

Evening, Prom and Special Occasion Makeup


Special occasions take many forms. Birthdays, anniversaries or just a special girl’s night out. A session with us for you to achieve perfect makeup will send you on your way beautiful, confident and ready for action.

Photoshoot Makeup


Makeup designed to make the most of a photography session, designed to work well under studio or flash photography lighting.

All-Day Makeup


If you have a day ahead where you need to look your best and leave nothing to chance, a job interview perhaps, then come to us at the start and make sure the last thing to let you down is how you look.

Bride Makeup


Your wedding day is a day for your to shine and be the star. It is your day and you should leave nothing to chance. A bridal makeup session will ensure that, no matter what the day brings, your face will always show as the woman you want to be.

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