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Pain Relief and Relaxation

About Pain Relief and Relaxation

Pain relief without medication is not a dream, it is an achievable reality.

Pain is complex. Medication can alleviate the symptoms, and surgery can remove them completely in some very specific cases, but there are alternatives to these drastic measures.

We use a variety of methods to reduce the impact of pain in your life, from healing and meditation techniques to corrective manipulation and highly targetted massage therapy.

Details and Prices for Pain Relief and Relaxation

Relaxing Massage

£39 per session, £175 for a course of 5 and £299 for 10

The classic massage to leave you relaxed and refreshed and ready to face whatever the world may throw at you.


£25 per session. £99 for 5.

The feet are a highly sensitive area with numerous nerve clusters which act on all areas of the body. Our therapists use the various trigger points on the feet to release tension and provide effective relief from pain.

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