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Face Treatments

About Face Treatments

When was the last time you treated yourself to a spa facial?

A facial is a great way to treat your skin. Getting facials will help you achieve a clear complexion and a nice glow.A facial can offer many benefits.

The face is always subject to the elements such as the sun, maybe smoke or an improper at home regime.

Facials offer you the opportunity to work with a professional skin care specialist who will analyze your skin, help you improve your complexion and show you how to take proper care of your skin.

A facial can give you a deep cleansing, deeper than the cleansing you will get at home. A facial includes cleansing as well as exfoliation which can help to unclog your pores. Extracting open comedones will also help rid the skin of acne. A skin care specialist or esthetician will choose the ingredients to help your skin type. The esthetician may choose a mask to detoxify your skin or hydrate your skin.

By getting a proper analysis you will not only learn your skin type, but an esthetician will be able to create a facial experience that addresses your skin?s needs.?A facial helps increase circulation and stimulates the skin. It can also help slow down premature aging by custom-targeting your skin care. Facials are a great preventative treatment to help you beat wrinkles before they occur. Keeping your skin hydrated will help keep the skin moist and stop dehydration.

Details and Prices for Face Treatments

Electrolysis (red vein removal)

from £30

Electrolysis for red (or thread) vein removal is a specialised treatment that uses an electrical current and the tip of an eyelash-sized needle, so removing the veins from sight.

Chemical Peels


Natinuel Mandelic Peel

From £45

A special gentle all-year round scrub and peel affording many benefits for treating facial skin conditions such as acne, pigmentation, open pores, wrinkles and ageing skin.

Diamond Microdermabrasion

from £65

Diamond Microdermabrasion is a non-surgical, safe, and effective light peel that can help with fine lines, wrinkles, and smooth minor pigment irregularities. Microdermabrasion skin resurfacing is a treatment that improves wrinkles, skin texture and color by removing the topmost layer of skin leaving it softer and plumper.

Ultrasonic Skin Scrubbing


This high-tech facial uses a specialized ultrasonic/ultrasound machine that emits high-frequency waves. Ultrasonic treatments benefit a variety of skin types and can improve many common skin conditions. Your esthetician will customize your ultrasonic facial according to your skin type and skincare needs.

Microcurrent Facelift


Radio Frequency

from £45

Renew Extreme, Retinol & Vit. C


Dragon Blood Facelift


A relaxing facial during which the fibroblasts are stimulated to produce 40% more collagen, filling and smoothing the surface of the skin. Particularly suited to making the best impression for special occasions.

Retix C Active Peel


An alternative to the Cosmelan treatment, depigmentation and rejuvenation treatments using active vitamin c and retinol

24K Gold Mask


A luxurious antiaging treatment featuring 24K gold for the ultimate in facial opulence that will give you a refreshed and youthrul complexion.

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