Male Treatments

Today men are much more conscious about the way they look and it has become common practice and acceptable for men to visit salons. We have kept the style of the salon neutral, so the men who visit do not find it intimidating entering an overly feminine beauty salon. We are proud to offer a range of health and grooming treatments for men in an attempt to keep up with this ever increasing demand and we have tailored a variety of our treatments specifically for men.

About Male Treatments

At Pure Harmony Clinic you will find a full range of professional treatments, from facials and anti-aging beauty treatments such as dermal fillers and Botox to unique treatments for men such as IPL Laser for permanent hair removal-full through to body massage and nutrition and fitness training.

Details and Prices for Male Treatments

Male IPL Laser Hair Removal

from £40

Hair Loss


Male Facials

from £45