Beauty Treatments

Semi Permanent Makeup


This is one of the most requested brow treatments and involves tattooing imitation hairstrokes to imitate natural brow hairs. It is one of the most popular treatment requests in permanent cosmetics.


Eyebrows with fullness and definition in a way that is simply impossible using traditional makeup and eye grooming techniques.


This is a great procedure if you want to add a soft shade of colour to your brows, without the use of individual hairstrokes. It is one of the more traditional permanent cosmetics treatments, but still popular today.


If your eyebrows are too thick, too thin or just don't look natural then our Natural Look treatment will make them look perfect, without looking artificial.


A semi-permanent treatment that adds depth to the eyelash. This works best when complemented with eyelash extensions.


The application of shades of colour and liner will make your lips appear full with subtlety and sophistication.


The lip blush includes all the benefits of the lip contour, but with the addition of adding a youthful flush of colour to the body of your lips. Most clients feel it is worth having this extra touch, as it gives the lips an overall fresh and natural look.


A semi-permanent makeup treatment that applies lip colouring that you don't have to work on to look your best.


A semi-permanent treatment that applies a liner to the top of the eye.


A semi-permanent treatment that applies a liner to the bottom of the eye.


A semi-permanent treatment that applies a liner to both the top and bottom of the eye.


The Beauty Spot is a facial characteristic that has been emphasised, enhanced or simply added to the face for centuries to give a pleasing aesthetic effect. This semi-permanent treatment will enhance this feature and, once done, stay there without further work on your part.

Eye Treatments


Nouveau Lashes are state of the art semi-permanent lash extensions that give longer, thicker, very natural looking lashes that last for up to eight weeks. Soft and curved, Nouveau Lashes have a flat base and fine, polished tip – just like natural lashes and are applied individually for a striking and defined result. The result is longer, thicker, natural looking lashes that are comfortable to wear. Traditional false eyelashes often look false and feel heavy and uncomfortable, causing natural lashes to drop out and often only last a few days. With Nouveau Lashes wake up each day with dark, wide-eyed film star beauty!

from £60

Star Lash gives you the ultimate in options and flexibility. From 1:1 to full Russian Volume, you can fully express your personality with Star Lash extensions.


When you change your eyebrow shape, you change the way your entire face looks. We design your eyebrow shape to perfectly showcase your finest features.


Eyebrow tinting adds depth, helping to shape your brows, so framing and flattering the face. Eyebrow tinting tends to last for a couple of weeks and so is much less fuss than filling brows in daily with make-up.

Male Treatments

Male Waxing

Laser Treatments

from £90

Permanent Makeup is another form of tattoo and it can be removed using laser treatments. If you're regretting that work you had done, this is the solution for your problem.

from £90

Laser Tattoo Removal is a highly personal treatment. The size, density and colours all play a part in how complex the procedure will be. For further information you should contact us to book a consultation.


IPL is suitable for treating virtually any area of your body to improve the overall tone and texture of your skin, reducing the visible signs of ageing.


Carbon Laser is a new non-invasive and pain-free laser treatment that is great for treating minor skin imperfections. It works on a large variety of skin imperfections. Call today for a consultation to see whether it can help you with your specific problem.

from £40

IPL works by emitting a specific light wavelength into the skin, which in the case of hair removal targets pigment. The light is absorbed by pigment in the hair, quickly turning to heat, which then kills the growing cells that make the hair.

from £30

Thread veins, also known as spider veins, and acne appear on the face and are notoriously difficult to cover up on an everyday basis. Our IPL treatments will reduce the visibility of these blemishes and help you forget they every existed.

Face Treatments


A luxurious antiaging treatment featuring 24K gold for the ultimate in facial opulence that will give you a refreshed and youthrul complexion.


This high-tech facial uses a specialized ultrasonic/ultrasound machine that emits high-frequency waves. Ultrasonic treatments benefit a variety of skin types and can improve many common skin conditions. Your esthetician will customize your ultrasonic facial according to your skin type and skincare needs.


Diamond Microdermabrasion is a non-surgical, safe, and effective light peel that can help with fine lines, wrinkles, and smooth minor pigment irregularities. Microdermabrasion skin resurfacing is a treatment that improves wrinkles, skin texture and color by removing the topmost layer of skin leaving it softer and plumper.

from £25

Electrolysis for red (or thread) vein removal is a specialised treatment that uses an electrical current and the tip of an eyelash-sized needle, so removing the veins from sight.

Hair Styling

Beauty Lessons

from £200

Learn how to become a makeup artist.


Individal or small group sessions with our resident professional makeup artist. These sessions are tailor made to your and your needs. Topics covered: Daily Makeup, Evening Makeup, Cosmetic selection, Skin-care and more...

Professional Makeup


If you have a day ahead where you need to look your best and leave nothing to chance, a job interview perhaps, then come to us at the start and make sure the last thing to let you down is how you look.


Special occasions take many forms. Birthdays, anniversaries or just a special girl's night out. A session with us for you to achieve perfect makeup will send you on your way beautiful, confident and ready for action.


Your wedding day is a day for your to shine and be the star. It is your day and you should leave nothing to chance. A bridal makeup session will ensure that, no matter what the day brings, your face will always show as the woman you want to be.

Advanced Beauty Treatments

from £65

Mesotherapy treatments involve placing minerals and vitamins into the middle layer of the skin, to ensure that it receives maximum possible nourishment for optimal health.

from £1300

Aquafilling is a volumising gel filler that is minimally invasive. It can be performed in a much simpler, safer, and less painful procedure than conventional augmentations. Gain a firmer derriere and restore the natural lift of the buttocks.

from £1300

Aquafilling can increase the bust size without requiring the breast to be surgically opened, providing a much gentler procedure.


Cosmelan treatment can restore the natural colour of the skin in places where pigmentation changes have occurred, such as with Melasma, a side-effect of pregnancy.


This groundbreaking technique involves extracting someone's own blood, carefully processing it to preserve only the platelet-rich plasma, and then injecting this directly into the face, to directly nourish the facial skin and remove wrinkles.

from £280

Over the years, many late nights and early mornings can start to show around the eyes, particularly for those who wear glasses. This treatment can restore a natural healthy glow to the area around the eyes that matches the rest of the facial skin in colour and elasticity.

from £280

The nose is the keystone of the face, all other features may only be appreciated in relation to it. We can correct the size, shape, and angle of the nose to create a more flattering profile, and a handsome visage.


The TCA peel uses a carefully-prepared solution to peel off the dead outer layers of the skin so that they can be grown anew. This can restore natural colour and pigmentation whilst also removing fine lines.

from £130

Not to be confused with the epilation technique, this sophisticated process involves using tiny threads to lift and tighten key parts of the face where they otherwise might be loose.


3D-lipo is a non-surgical, non-invasive alternative to traditional liposuction that can achieve amazing results in skin tightening and fat reduction. All the gain, none of the pain!

from £65

Microneedling describes methods used to smooth out dimpled, mottled, or bumpy skin in order to restore a natural healthy surface.

from £50

PLEXR offers a revolutionary way to deal with problems such as eyebag/eyelid Correction, Face & Necklifts, Acne, including active spots AND scarring, Stretch marks, scars, lines & wrinkles.

Dermal Fillers

from £150

Marionette lines are furrows that run down to the chin from the corners of the lips, a bit like the mouth of a puppet. These can make it seem like you are frowning when you're not. Our filler treatment can restore the natural pleasant resting expression on the face.


Lip lines are the grooves that can appear on the upper lip running downwards. They are difficult to disguise with makeup, but our dermal filler treatment can restore a healthy appearance.


This treatment can enable lips to look fuller, plumper, and more invitingly feminine. We emphasise a natural aesthetic, with expertise and subtlety in application, that is very alluring.

from £100

The shape of the face can change subtly from one's thirties onwards. Our treatments can restore the natural firmness of the lips, and correct for any imbalances or asymmetries.

Botox Treatments


Bruxism is the medical term for unconscious teeth clenching and grinding which can lead to physical painful and severe dental problems. Chronic teeth grinding can result in headaches, earaches, facial pain, and even migraines. Botox is an ideal treatment for this condition,


The glabella is the medical term for the area between the eyebrows where deep furrows can occur over time. This fully comprehensive treatment will restore the entire face to a smooth complexion.


Combine two botox treatments, for a more cohesive effect at great value for money.


This powerful, safe, and effective treatment can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles within a preferred zone of the face.

Female Waxing


The works! No place unattended. The full body wax ensures that every inch of one's skin is fresh, smooth and hairless.


This bikini wax treatment includes the bikini area and the top part of the legs.


Get ready for a trip to the beach or spa with this complete lower body treatment


Perfect for a summer evening or a fancy party. Enjoy the beauty of your bare legs in style.


A nice way to get your legs in shape for a cool pair of shorts in the summer.


Sometimes those soft, fine hairs can get a bit too fuzzy over time. This treatment will restore the side of your face to fresh, clean, smoothness.


Two areas in a combination that provides complete satisfaction.


Tidy up those stray hairs that pop up from time to time, they are sometimes more visible to others than to you.

Nail Treatments


Nails shaped, cuticles cleaned and a single colour application as standard.


A whole hand treatment including everything in a standard Manicure but also an exfoliating scrub and hand cream massage.

From £32

A complete set of nails using Victoria Vynn gels. A completely customised experience with whatever shape and design you desire.

From £22

A maintenance treatment to restore your nails to their perfect state.


A long lasting (typically 3 weeks) nail polish with a superior finish.


A long lasting (typically 3 weeks) nail polish with a superior finish.